Salvation Army Treasures

Green blazer

blazer, JouJou, secondhand; jeans, Mavi; tank top, Gap, secondhand; shoes, Target; bracelet, gift

Gap tank top

Gap tank top

I especially love the cute little buttons on the back of this shirt

White Sleveless Blouse
shirt, designer unknown, secondhand; skirt, H&M; shoes, Nine West, secondhand; necklace, Forever 21; earrings, Target

White sleveless blouse

I usually try to make a trip to the Salvation Army on Wednesdays because Wednesdays are family day, which means that most items are half price except for those with a certain color price tag. Though I’m not thrilled by the act of searching through endless racks of clothing that are filled for the most part with clothes that are stained, ripped, or just plain ugly, every once in a while I find something that is worth digging for. Thankfully, this past week was one of those lucky weeks. I found a  white, sleveless button-up blouse that I’m absolutely in love with, as well as a couple of cute summery tank tops. My cherry on top, however, is a dark forest-green blazer that I have very high hopes for. This blazer is a very versatile piece that I will be able to wear in Spring, Fall, and Winter. Total cost– About $8.50. Not bad…I guess searching through all of those cat sweaters and mom-jeans can really pay off.


Photos by Matt Talbot