What I wore to work today

I am so so excited to tell you that I have recently started a new job working as a preschool teacher at a lovely school in Northampton, Massachusetts.  I am thrilled about this job for a number of reasons… I love working with children, I have the sweetest co-workers, andddd, of equal importance, I finally have a chance to dress creatively for work!

My previous job was at a bakery and needless to say, my work attire was severely limited by the fact that whatever I wore came home covered in butter, flour, sugar, chocolate… (anyone else getting hungry???). So, I have decided to share some of my work outfits because I am just so darn excited that I can actually dress up for work.

Today I wore my American Eagle jeans, a thrifted top and cardigan, my $12 Forever 21 Shoes, and an H&M necklace.



The best thing about the dress code at this job is that I can dress up, but I don’t have to. Let’s be real…I will surely be taking advantage of the fact that I can totally go in wearing jeans, mom sneakers,  and a beat up sweatshirt occasionally. But most days, I will just be happy to be wearing clothes that make me feel pretty and don’t smell like food!


I apologize for the sub-par photography, I’m not the best at selfies.

But I am awesome at rockin’ the “knock it off!” teacher look:


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