Teetering Around in my H&M Dress

Oh, hello beautiful $5 dress from Goodwill



Hello, soul-warming sunshine and platform heels that are surprisingly functional for an outdoor BBQ


Okay that last bit about them being functional was a stretch, but at least my heels didn’t sink into the grass.



I have always been afraid of platforms due to my less than graceful nature, but these work because the heel, though borderline frighteningly tall, isn’t too steep. Also I couldn’t really say no to these because of the cool tassels and because they were only $15 at a local consignment shop.


Wearing an H&M dress (which is absolutely perfect for twirling, by the way), H&M vest -similar here, Boca 61 shoes-exact here but only in sizes 9 and 10, similar here, thrifted belt, and Forever 21 jewelry.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go twirl around in my very uneven yard wearing  platforms…………….who’s bright idea was this?

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