DIY T Shirt Makeover

I have to confess that I am one of those obnoxious people who turns the Christmas switch on the day after Halloween. I also absolutely LOVE buying Christmas gifts. And that means it is time for some serious penny pinching. It doesn’t mean that my appetite for new clothing has been satiated, of course; I’ve accepted that this day will never come.
So, what does a girl do? Make due with the clothes she already has, you say? Accept that one can’t always have something new and exciting to wear, you say? No. Get the scissors. That’s what a girl does.





This project is so simple that I am pretty positive you guys won’t even need instructions, but I’ll go ahead and give them just in case. It all started with a regular old pack of men’s tee shirts from Walmart, but any plain tee will do. First, cut your shirt to fit the way you’d like. For me, this involved shortening the length, the arms and cutting the neck so that it became an off the shoulder style.P1170443P1170446Next, using scrap fabric (which you can pick up at any fabric store for super cheap), draw and cut out your desired shape. Of course you can use a stencil if you prefer. I chose a heart, which I consider myself an expert at drawing since I have been doodling them inside my notebooks ever since I saw Titanic in the 4th grade (Oh Leo…)

If you’re lazy like me, you can buy a bottle of this stuff to avoid having to finish off the edges of your scrap fabric shape:P1170448Simply apply it around the edges of your cut out shape and allow to dry before attaching it to your shirt. While your liquid magic is drying, you can hem the cut edges of your shirt.P1170453Once you’re all stitched up, simply sew your shape onto the front of your shirt. I decided to do mine by hand, but if you feel comfortable you could use your machine.

And that’s it, boys and girls! I’d love to hear from you if you decide to make your own versions! And Merry Christmas!!! ((too soon??)) P1170509P1170511P1170512









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