Can you believe someone once parted from this skirt? This 100% silk, perfectly pleated, most magical shade of teal skirt?

P1180383Yeah me neither, but I sure am happy that they did.

P1180405Since the blouse and skirt together felt a bit dressy, I decided to shake things up by adding the cheetah belt, a boho necklace, the pink purse, and wearing my hair a little messy because heaven forbid I look too fancy. I just don’t feel right if everything is all prim and proper, ya dig?  P1180375Skirt: Patrick Collection, Goodwil – $3.99

Top: Target, gift- $0.00

Belt: Target- $6.99

Shoes: Payless- $16.99

Bag: Rosetti, gift- $0.00

Necklace: Goodwill, $2.99

Earrings: Forever 21- $2.99

Bracelet: gift- $0.00

Total Cost: $33.95


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