Chasing Daylight

P1180608P1180534P1180539P1180617P118060740’s vibes today in a Forever 21 dress styled with a vintage hat and bag. I dragged my poor husband all over town chasing the sun for that magical golden hour light that we sort-of-almost managed to capture in these shots. Of course as soon as we found a suitable background the sun disappeared behind a cloud, but nonetheless I got to twirl around in a pretty dress so I’ll count it as a win.

Dress- Forever 21, gift: $0

Hat- Vintage, thrift: $3.99

Shoes- Shoe Mint, thrift: $6.99

Bag- Vintage, thrift- $5

Necklace- H&M: $5.99

Earrings- Forever 21: $3.99

Bracelet- Forever 21: $1.99

Total Cost: $27.95


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