Anyway the wind blows

P1180820P1180796Head over heals for this top that one of my co-workers gave to me. The brightly colored embroidery looks amazing against the crisp white cotton and I absolutely love how it pairs with these denim cut-offs and lace up boots.P1180832P1180816P1180853If you’re in search of a pair of high waisted shorts, look no further than your local thrift store. Those places are crawling with mom-jeans just begging for a makeover. I bought these vintage Levis at Goodwill for $6.99, traced the shape/length I wanted, and started snipping. It’s that easy! Please don’t pay $40.00+ for a pair of these shorts anywhere else; mom jeans are the answer!P1180842

Top- Juicy Couture, gift: $0

Shorts- Levis DIY: $6.99

Hat- Forever 21: $15.90

Bag- JC Penney: $9.99

Bracelet- Forever 21: $4.90

Earrings- Thrift: $1.99

Boots- Thrift: $6.99

Total Cost: $46.76