Fleece Tights

P1190508With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I would like to share something for which I am infinitely grateful: fleece tights.P1190550P1190523You, my friend, are probably vastly cooler than I and have probably been aware of the existence of fleece tights for-like-ever… but this right here is my very first pair and I am so so so happy. P1190510P1190546Between these miraculous tights and my H&M over the knee boots, my legsies are well armed for battle against the impending New England winter.

Tights- HUE (similar here)

Boots- H&M

Skirt- Forever 21 (similar here)

Turtleneck- J. Jill (similar here)

Jacket- H&M (similar here)

Hat- Forever 21 (similar here)

Rings- Forever 21

Bag- thrift


Don’t Stop Me Now

P1190463 (1)Something you should know about me: I love Freddie Mercury. Like….. lovelovelove. P1190443 (1)P1190453 (1)P1190464 (1)So naturally, when I saw this Queen shirt at Forever 21 I wasted no time buying it. And what better way to show how deep my love for Queen is than by rocking out to “Don’t Stop Me Now”? Do yourself a favor and listen to that song. Just do it. Also this one and this one.P1190471 (1)P1190481 (1)Also wearing an H&M jacket (thrift, similar), H&M jeans (similar) and booties (exact).

P1190484 (1)P1190495 (1)