Plays Well With Others

poorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (7).JPGpoorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (5).JPGpoorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (15).JPGAll layered up like an onion. The pretty purple kind-not those creepy pearled ones that look like boiled eyeballs.poorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (12).JPGpoorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (13).JPGI bought this soft, warm, wonderful knitted cardigan from Forever 21 about a week ago and I think I have already worn it about 19387493874 times. That’s roughly 2769641982 times per day. Needless to say I am a fan. poorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (9)poorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (17)poorgirlrichtaste 1-7-16 (3)This sweater is one of those extraordinary pieces that pairs well with just about everything. I love the cozy, boho feel that it adds to any outfit. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

Outfit details: Forever 21 sweater, similar here and here; H&M top; H&M jeans; Forever 21 boots, similarForever 21 socks; Forever 21 hat, similar; thrifted scarf; thrifted necklace


Look out

poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (3)poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (5)Introducing my badass biker pants! Please try to contain your fear.poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (4)Not sure if it’s the ferocious zippers, the super cool knee-pad-ish details, or that particular shade of army green that makes them badass, but these pants are legit. poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (7)poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (8)However, the biggest testament to their badass-ness came when my husband first saw them and said, “you look like you’re about to kick some ass.”

You’re damn right I am.poorgirlrichtaste1-4-16 1 (1)Outfit details: badass H&M pants; H&M faux leather jacket, similar; H&M top, similar; thrifted shoes, similar; F21 hat, similar; F21 necklace.

Tights on tights

Thank goodness for underwear.P1200026poorgirlrichtaste1-3frontLong underwear— jeeeeeez let me finish. P1190982poorgirlrichtaste1-3 behindThough I suppose regular underwear is pretty great too. Sort of necessary and all that jazz.P1200054P1200055Believe it or not I have somehow managed to squeeze a pair of long underwear underneath my tights. Trust me- if there is a way to increase warmth even marginally whilst wearing a skirt in January, I will find it.

P.S. I was still really freaking cold though.P1200030

I’m not sure if it was the bitingly cold weather today or just me but I was feeling quite awkward posing for pictures…though I can’t imagine why because normal people totally go to baseball fields in winter and take pictures of themselves. So, I ended up with a lot of “ummmm I’ll just bumble-around-gracelessly type pictures. Exhibit A:P1200043 Exhibit B:poorgirlrichtastegoofy.JPGNiiiiccceee.

Outfit details: Old Navy jacket-thrift, similar; H&M sweater-thrift, similar; Express skirt-thrift, similar; thrifted boots-similar; vintage bag-thrift; simlar; HUE tights; socks and gloves- gifts; vintage scarf and pin.