P1190650P1190679There’s a frosty bite to the air that I don’t remember being there a week ago… P1190686P1190643…and sunny patches like this one really start to feel like a warm hug…P1190680P1190659P1190674…but all it takes are some winter-y versions of my favorite outfit staples and a hat with  a pom-pom topper to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am a little obsessed with pom-poms at the moment. All of those tutorials on Pinterest (and the ginormous $2 spool of fuzzy pink yarn I found at Goodwill) have me wanting to smother everything I own (look out Benson the cat) in whimsical little poufs. We could all use a little whimsy sometimes, am I right?P1190637

Outfit details: Skirt- Forever 21, thrif, similar here; sweater- H&M (old); shoes- Seychelles, similar here and here; hat- gift, similar here; HUE tights, similar here; backpack- TJ Maxx, similar here.

Have you been swept up by the pom-pom craze? Any good DIYs to share? Has your life been pummeled by poufs? Let me know!


Fleece Tights

P1190508With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I would like to share something for which I am infinitely grateful: fleece tights.P1190550P1190523You, my friend, are probably vastly cooler than I and have probably been aware of the existence of fleece tights for-like-ever… but this right here is my very first pair and I am so so so happy. P1190510P1190546Between these miraculous tights and my H&M over the knee boots, my legsies are well armed for battle against the impending New England winter.

Tights- HUE (similar here)

Boots- H&M

Skirt- Forever 21 (similar here)

Turtleneck- J. Jill (similar here)

Jacket- H&M (similar here)

Hat- Forever 21 (similar here)

Rings- Forever 21

Bag- thrift

Don’t Stop Me Now

P1190463 (1)Something you should know about me: I love Freddie Mercury. Like….. lovelovelove. P1190443 (1)P1190453 (1)P1190464 (1)So naturally, when I saw this Queen shirt at Forever 21 I wasted no time buying it. And what better way to show how deep my love for Queen is than by rocking out to “Don’t Stop Me Now”? Do yourself a favor and listen to that song. Just do it. Also this one and this one.P1190471 (1)P1190481 (1)Also wearing an H&M jacket (thrift, similar), H&M jeans (similar) and booties (exact).

P1190484 (1)P1190495 (1)

Easy Last Minute Halloween Monster Costume

Calling all procrastinators: it’s not too late to put together your Halloween costume! You can make this monster costume with a quick trip to the craft store and about an hour of time:


So let’s get to it!! Here’s what you’ll need:



  • Googly eyes (2 extra large and one bag of 1/2 inch ones)
  • Super Glue
  • White contact paper or masking tape
  • Scrap fabric in a plain color (I used black faux leather)
  • Duct tape
  • Velcro circles
  • Ruler
  • White computer paper for tracing
  • Fabric scissors
  • Dress or t shirt
  • Pocketbook (preferably made of a smooth material such as leather)

To make the ankle accessories:

  1. Measure the width of your ankles where you want the anklet to rest.
  2. On a sheet of blank computer paper, make a rectangle that is the length of your ankle measurement plus 1″ long by 2″ tall. Make a line right through the middle the long way so that you have two 1″ sections.
  3. Next, on the line going through the middle of the rectangle, make small marks every 1″ for the entire length. On the bottom line of the rectangle, start 1/2″ from the edge and then make small marks every 1″ for the entire length. These will be the markers for your monster “teeth”.
  4. Now draw diagonal lines connecting the top marks to the bottom marksP1190246P1190247
  5. Cut out your pattern and trace it onto the wrong side of your fabric two times, one for each ankle. Cut out fabric.P1190249P1190250
  6. Using the crazy glue, attach one googly eye roughly centered over each “tooth”, leaving the last tooth empty.P1190256
  7. Attach your Velcro circle onto the last tooth, putting the corresponding half of it on the back of the first tooth. I ended up using two Velcro circles because mine were so teeny tiny.P1190263P1190264
  8. Voila! Now part one of your costume is complete! P1190288

For your dress/shirt and your pocket book, simply attach the googly eyes using duct tape (use the giant ones for your dress/shirt). For the mouth and eyebrows, I just drew rough sketches on my white contact paper and cut those out. I guess you could say that I googly-eyeballed my measurements (haha I apologize I am such a dork.) Peel off the back of contact paper and stick them right on to your dress/shirt and bag! P1190286 - EditedIf you are using masking tape rather than contact paper, you could make your mouth more like this:halloween-front-door

photo credit

Of course, if you are super duper pressed for time you could skip the whole ankle teeth part and simply slap some googly eyes and a monster mouth on your dress and call it a day. P1190275P1190278I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear about any last minute costumes you’ve pulled together! Happy Halloween!!

Everyday Halloween Wear

jumpJust floating around a cemetery, no big deal.P1190162P1190201P1190209Channeling my spooky side with this Halloween inspired look. This outfit would be perfect for anyone who wants to dress up without looking too costume-y or for anyone like me who is crazy about Halloween and thinks that only one costume-approved day per year is not enough. Once a week, am I right? P1190186P1190198P1190216I recently bought this Top Shop dress at my local Goodwill and I have had so much fun wearing it because it’s one of those pieces you can style so many different ways. It’s feminine, classic, and edgy all at once. P1190194P1190233P1190220Also wearing a kick ass pair of boots that I bought on sale from H&M. Love. Those. Boots.

Dress: Top Shop, thrift- $6.99, similar here and here

Tights: Hue, Marshalls- $3.99

Boots: H&M- $35, exact here

Hat: H&M- $6.99, similar here

Clutch: thrift- $1.99

Belt: Forever 21- $2.99

Total cost: $57.95

Aaaand in case you weren’t creeped out by my spooky graveyard pics, I’ll leave you with this little number:creep HA! Move over exorcist girl.